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Whether you’re looking to explore entrepreneurship, learn about cutting-edge technologies, network with scientists and peers, refine your skills or explore new career opportunities in Canada’s startup ecosystem, District 3 offers the best-in-class training and community events designed to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

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Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship

An online lab-to-market program (3 hours per week) to help scientists, engineers, and graduate students in STEM acquire entrepreneurial skills and evaluate the market potential of their research. Built in partnership with the Fonds de recherche du Québec.

Ideation for Social Innovation

Designed for individuals or teams who are at the beginning of their startup journey. This four week cohort-based program will help them better understand the social or environmental issue that they are attempting to solve by mapping its system.

Become Biolingual

The BioLingual program is a 4-week intensive that enables MBAs and engineers to gain an understanding of the science and the language behind Biotech in order to work in this emerging field.

XPRIZE Competitions

As the Eastern Canada Ambassador for IBM Watson AI, ANA Avatar, and Fight COVID-19 Xprizes, District 3 supports Canadian teams in their quest to harness emerging technologies to solve the world's grand challenges. The Xprize Foundation uses large-scale global incentive competitions to crowdsource solutions.

AI For Genomics

The AI Genomics program is a 12-week intensive that enables life sciences students and recent graduates to gain an understanding of the science and the language behind AI in order to apply it in the field of genomics.

Student Residency

The residency is a 12-week intensive program that enables undergraduates and graduates from all disciplines to work in a multidisciplinary context by turning ideas into practical solutions for startups in emerging technology.

Fintech Cadence

A partner initiative in collaboration with District 3, Fintech Cadence offers educational programs, training, hackathons and speed-dating initiatives to develop solutions for the fintech industry.

This program gave me an alternate way of thinking that was far removed from my academic science background. It has birthed something completely new in my life, a new view of the world if you will.

Tony Wang PhD, QCSE Graduate, Startup Founder

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Kashif completed the Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program to assess applications of his research in the market.

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Work with a Startup

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