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our GlobalX Services

Going Global from the Start

GlobalX enables startups to acquire the necessary knowledge, sources of capital, and network to access new markets. We help startups validate their business model through cohort-based programs, 1-on-1 support, and leading international partners.

Gain Knowledge, Skills, and Execution Support

GlobalX is designed to help you at each stage of your startup journey. From validating your business model, identifying your first international target, to building on your long term global expansion strategy.

1-on-1 with experts
Government support
Global Incubator and accelerator network
Market expeditions

We got the opportunity to network and learn more about Boston, as well as the pros and cons of having a U.S. subsidiary and insights into intellectual property strategies.”

Marina Massingham, CEO of Aifred Health

Our Services

Cohort-Based Market Testing Labs

An immersion program that runs in parallel with a conference, where startups learn how to take their business to a new market through the interaction with strategic partners – mentors, investors, peers and government partners.

1-on-1 Startup Support

Startups get financial support, access to an expert network, and exclusive workshops, as well as coaching support. Through our partner network we also provide temporary workspace across Canada, New York City and Boston.

Access to Partner Programs

An international network of partner incubators and accelerators with exclusive referral programs and offerings.

Market Connect

Investor Connect

Built in partnership with leading innovation ecosystem players in the US, select D3 startups are eligible to embark on a customized journey for planning and integration in the US.

Build your integration strategy
Widen your network
Receive active support to start implementing your clinical, product
and business roadmaps and go-to-market strategy

Raising capital is a discipline that, when mastered, can fuel a startup’s potential, and fundraising involves more than a pitch deck. The Investor Connect program is designed to give select Canadian startups the opportunity to learn how to build long-lasting connections with US investors through mentorship and hands-on feedback sessions. 

Establish relationships with leading US Fintech investors
Build the social capital needed to accelerate your growth
Get support from best-in-class experts at no cost to improve your pitch
and your business model story

New York District

Startups can access our District in New York City, one of the most critical U.S. markets and the second most important startup ecosystem in the world.

Our team is on the ground in NYC to help you with:

Office Space
Partner Incubator
International Expert Network

Our Footprint

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Who is eligible?

GlobalX and access to the NYC District is primarily served to the District 3 startup community and alumni. To learn more, fill out this form and we will get in touch.

Do the programs take place in-person or virtually?

The programs will take form virtually due to limited travel opportunities at this time.

Is there any funding support offered through this program?

Our team will work with each startup to identify funding opportunities available to cover the travel cost and more.