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District 3 High Tech Stream

We accelerate the path to commercialization for early-stage startups, harnessing emerging technology through 1:1 objectives-based coaching, lean entrepreneurship skill development and targeted, timely ecosystem connections and global market expansion support.

What You Gain

1:1 Objectives-Based Coaching

Experienced coaches and advisors with experience in emerging tech guide startups as they develop a roadmap to reach critical milestones around honing your pitch to secure funding, increase sales, expand to international markets, recruit the right talent, and much more.

Tailored Just-in-Time Learning

Participate in industry-specific workshops and best-in-class training to acquire the competencies necessary to succeed at all stages of your startup journey, including customer acquisition, startup funding, IP strategy management, legal strategy and more.

Community & Workspace Access

Build your network, collaborate and develop strategic partnerships with local and global advisors in academia, industry and the investor community.

Entrepreneurship was more challenging than we expected — through
D3 programs and coaching, we learned how to reach and engage our
target customers, tell our story, pitch our solution and more.”

Asad Lesani, Ph.D, CEO and Co-founder of Blue City

Our Programs


Designed for startup teams with little or no customer traction for their high-tech-based solution, this three-month intensive cohort-based program will help you define your target market, develop a deep understanding of your customers’ problem and unmet needs, and design a business model to build a viable company.

Launch & Grow

For startups with validated business models with initial traction through customers, letters of intent, or initial investment, our customized, individualized program includes 1-1 objectives-based coaching, access to an international network of academic, clinical, and industrial partners as well as investors operating in high tech.

Our Partner Programs


An online lab-to-market program that helps scientists explore entrepreneurship and the commercial applications of their academic research. Scientists learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, evaluate the market potential, and learn what it takes to commercialize their scientific discoveries before taking the leap.
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Market Discovery

A 4-week program for early-stage scientific entrepreneurs who want to commercialize their research but need support in finding the right research-market fit. Founders gain the knowledge, skills, and network to identify and evaluate potential market opportunities to build a viable business.

Our Coaches & Advisors

JD Bégin
Managing Director, District 3
JD Bégin
Managing Director, District 3

Head Coach, District 3

JD Bégin is a venture capitalist turned entrepreneur and angel investor. As head coach at District 3, Bégin helps founders find product market-fit, grow their key metrics, and secure financing. Having previously worked as a growth advisor and mentor to firms such as VM6 Software Inc., Techstars and Traction Ventures, Bégin leverages more than 15 years experience to uniquely equip startups with the tools they need to grow into successful enterprises. Bégin holds an MBA from Concordia University, as well as a bachelors of Business Administration in accounting and finance from UQAM.

Gilles Fayad
Director, AI Commons
Gilles Fayad
Director, AI Commons

Director, AI Commons

Gilles Fayad spent his entire career launching new products. His track record has been to move up the food chain to successfully solve one problem after the other, and in doing so he acquired a broad technical expertise, managerial acumen, and international exposure. He is deeply fascinated with the impact of technology on society, complex mathematical problems, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and the relationship between form and function in design. If you cannot find him sailing or diving, you can lure him with a coffee into a game of chess, Go, or simply in a discussion on reinventing the world.

Xavier-Henri Hervé
Executive Director, District 3 
Xavier-Henri Hervé
Executive Director, District 3 

Innovation Enabler, Concordia for now

Xavier-Henri Hervé has a 25 years track record for transforming strategic plans for innovations into business on an international scale. An engineer, Hervé leverages 20 years of experience in several technologies and engineering intensive domains such as aviation, information systems, simulation, and green tech, at Mechtronix, Oracle Corporation, CAE Electronics and Bombardier. Hervé enjoys a worldwide network built in over fifty countries. In 2011, Hervé was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Concordia University’s Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, as well as a bachelor of engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University. 

Louis Mousseau
Louis Mousseau

Coach, District 3

Louis has a 20+ years track record of helping emerging and growing technology and media companies propel their business to the next level. An experienced operator, Louis can help businesses meet short-term revenue targets while building longer-term growth capabilities. Louis is particularly experienced in sales management, marketing, partnerships, M&A, and general operations.

Louis started his career as a commercial attorney in a leading Canadian law firm, advising high technology and biotechnology companies in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, and partnerships. With this experience and an MBA, Louis made the move to business operations early on and never looked back, rapidly progressing through the ranks of established and growing international tech companies, including Open Text, Bell Canada, Softvoyage, k-eCommerce, and mdf commerce.

Louis holds a master’s in business administration (MBA) from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montreal (1996), a bachelor’s degree in law (Ll.b.) from the University of Montreal (1993), and is a member of the Quebec Bar (1994).

Daniel Stoll
Co-Owner, DX Consultant
Daniel Stoll
Co-Owner, DX Consultant

Co-Owner, DX Consultant

Daniel Stoll has always strived to design and develop products that bring delightful customer experiences, to have products sell themselves. He has a track record of galvanizing innovation and creating go-to-market strategies based on a product-led growth approach, providing value to customers by shortening time to value. His work has been recognized for shortening the sales cycle significantly in complex sales. Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the École d’ingénieurs du numérique.


Who is eligible to apply to District 3’s High Tech Stream?

Early-stage startups who are developing solutions harnessing emerging technologies.

Do the programs take place in person or virtually?

Currently, programs are taking place virtually.

Is there an application deadline?

We accept startups on a rolling admissions basis throughout the year. Note that it may take up to 2 weeks after you submitted an application for us to respond. We will notify you whether your application has been accepted or rejected. 

How long is the program?

Programs vary from 3 months to 24 months.

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