Launch & Grow Program

Find Product Market Fit
& Acquire Customers

Designed for startups that have initial traction through
customers, letters of intent, or initial investment. We help
you accelerate to ‘product market fit.’

What You Gain

District 3’s tailored services will help you build your product, acquire customers, increase early sales, find product market fit, and scale your startup to have a global impact.

1:1 coaching on a biweekly basis centered around 90-day sprints

Building your entrepreneurship skills

Tailored workshops, peer-to-peer session, and 1:1 sessions with industry experts

Access to District 3 co-working and state-of-the-art lab spaces

Support in accessing non-dilutive funding opportunities

Support with navigating dilutive fundraising rounds

Access to a growing network of investors

Free access to industry-leading market data

Support with international development

A community of like-minded individuals dedicated to innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship

Support for up to 24 months

We started off as two people who had a good idea. We had traction, we had clients,
but it was only with coaching that we could say we began to build a real business."

Erika Braithwaite, Ph.D. CEO, Precision Analytics

Our Program

Tailored Just-in-Time Learning

Startups get access to workshops and the best in class training to acquire the competencies necessary to succeed at all stages of their journey.

1:1 Coaching & Expert Support

Experienced coaches and experts guide you in the right direction to reach your milestones, whether it’s honing your pitch to secure funding, increasing sales, expanding to international markets, recruiting the right talent, and much more.

Community & Workspace Access

A large array of events and networking opportunities for you to grow your network and find the right people to build your business. You will also get access to our workspace and state-of-the art wetlab.

Access to Partner Programs

An international network of partner incubators and accelerators with exclusive referral programs and offerings.

Market Connect

Investor Connect

Built in partnership with leading innovation ecosystem players in the US, select D3 startups are eligible to embark on a customized journey for planning and integration in the US.

Build your integration strategy
Widen your network
Receive active support to start implementing your clinical, product
and business roadmaps and go-to-market strategy

Raising capital is a discipline that, when mastered, can fuel a startup’s potential, and fundraising involves more than a pitch deck. The Investor Connect program is designed to give select Canadian startups the opportunity to learn how to build long-lasting connections with US investors through mentorship and hands-on feedback sessions. 

Establish relationships with leading US Fintech investors
Build the social capital needed to accelerate your growth
Get support from best-in-class experts at no cost to improve your pitch
and your business model story

We got the opportunity to network and learn more about Boston, as well as the pros and cons of having a U.S. subsidiary and insights into intellectual property strategies.”

Marina Massingham, CEO of Aifred Health


D3 Bio

Founders leveraging biomanufacturing and bioengineering looking to accelerate their commercialization potential and contribute to building Canada’s bioeconomy in sectors such as biopharma, agri-food, clean technologies and biomaterials.

D3 Healthcare

Early stage medtech and healthtech startups looking to gain market insights, validate clinical and market needs, accelerate product development, find funding and access international networks.

D3 High Tech

Early stage startups focusing on emerging technologies looking to accelerate their path towards commercialization through coaching, lean entrepreneurship skill development, targeted ecosystem connections and global market expansion support. 

D3 Social

Early stage startups focused on education, health, environment, culture or other social issues with positive impact on the community and the world looking  for support in roadmap development, funding strategy and global market expansion.

Our Footprint

Startups Exposed to
Global Mindset

Coaches and Mentors

JD Bégin
District 3 High Tech Stream Lead
JD Bégin
District 3 High Tech Stream Lead

District 3 High Tech Stream Lead

JD Bégin is a venture capitalist turned entrepreneur and angel investor. As High Tech Stream Lead at District 3, Bégin helps founders find product market-fit, grow their key metrics, and secure financing. Having previously worked as a growth advisor and mentor to firms such as VM6 Software Inc., Techstars and Traction Ventures, Bégin leverages more than 15 years experience to uniquely equip startups with the tools they need to grow into successful enterprises. Bégin holds an MBA from Concordia University, as well as a bachelors of Business Administration in accounting and finance from UQAM.

Edna Chosack, Senior Coach, District 3 Healthcare Stream Lead
Edna Chosack
Senior Coach, District 3 Healthcare Stream Lead
Edna Chosack, Senior Coach, District 3 Healthcare Stream Lead
Edna Chosack
Senior Coach, District 3 Healthcare Stream Lead

Senior Coach, District 3 Healthcare Stream Lead

With a wealth of international experience in taking ideas to marketalways at the dynamic intersection of where entrepreneurship and experiential learning meetEdna Chosack, M.Sc., MBA, is the Healthcare Stream lead and Senior Coach at District 3. 

As the co-founder and VP, Strategic Marketing at Simbionix Inc., Edna co-built the company into an international surgical-simulation leader, becoming internationally recognized as one of a few experts who leverage medical-simulation experiential learning into business success stories. 3D Systems acquired the company for $120M USD.

In Montreal, she established and served as Director of CAE’s surgical-simulation business line. She was a member of the advisory committee at McGill University’s Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning. She held her consultancy services for private internationals in the US, Europe & China, as well as for Canadian customers such as the Canadian National Research Council.

Xavier-Henri Hervé, Executive Director, District 3
Xavier-Henri Hervé
Executive Director, District 3
Xavier-Henri Hervé, Executive Director, District 3
Xavier-Henri Hervé
Executive Director, District 3

Executive Director, District 3

Guided by his passion for advancing emerging technology, his career is rooted in strategic partnerships and community building. Proud of the incubator that he founded, District 3, and the 1000+ tech startups that have come through our doors in now 10 years. Xavier is committed to growing the bioeconomy in Quebec–which at this very second, is revolutionizing the world. Equivalent to what happened in IT 50 years ago, the same is occurring in biological engineering-“it’s going to change everything”. The next bioeconomy ventures are led by scientific entrepreneurs with deep expertise in their respective domains — fields like AI in biological engineering, healthtech, clean tech, agri-foods — are all key innovation drivers.

Daniel Stoll
Coach, District 3
Daniel Stoll
Coach, District 3

Coach, District 3

Daniel Stoll has always strived to design and develop products that bring delightful customer experiences, to have products sell themselves. He has a track record of galvanizing innovation and creating go-to-market strategies based on a product-led growth approach, providing value to customers by shortening time to value. His work has been recognized for shortening the sales cycle significantly in complex sales. Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the École d’ingénieurs du numérique.


What is the eligibility criteria for the Launch & Grow Program?

We look for an idea that leverages emerging technologies or an innovative business model; a minimum of two co-founders; and full-time commitment from at least one co-founder.

Is there a deadline for applications? When would I receive an answer?

We accept startups on a rolling admissions basis throughout the year. Note that it may take up to 2 weeks after you submitted an application for us to respond. We will notify you whether your application has been accepted or rejected. 

How long is the program?

The program lasts up to 24 months. Every three months, we will assess and evaluate whether you should continue or consider pivoting, so you don’t waste time on the wrong ideas. Upon completion of the program, our goal is that you have a viable business, and have acquired the necessary competencies to be a self-reliant entrepreneur. 

Not ready for Launch & Grow?

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