Validation Program

Validate your Idea & Business Model

Deadline: December 15

Did you know that 50% of startups fail because they built a product that doesn’t meet their customers’ needs? This three-month intensive will help you validate your business model and learn the necessary competencies  you need to build a scalable company with global impact. 

What You Gain

Our team of experts and coaches will eliminate the guesswork and teach you the frameworks to understand your market and customers. By the end of the program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and network to build a viable business. We take no equity and your intellectual property remains your own.

Workshops to build your knowledge and skills
1-on-1 with experts
Community peer sessions
Networking events
State-of-the-art workspace & labs

The Validation program helped us develop the foundation of our business training. Through iterative approaches and various resources, we turned our ideas and science into tangible products.

Ibrahim Kays, PhD, Co-Founder of Geneboost

Our Program

Cohort-Based Learning

An immersive program that pushes you to test your assumptions in the market and build your business models, learning and sharing with your peers.

Expert Support

Startups gain access to experts and the most relevant knowledge to acquire the necessary competencies to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Community Access

Through exclusive events and networking opportunities, founders grow their network, finding the right people to help accelerate their startup. 

Meet the Team

Ahmed El Wassimy
Program Designer & Facilitator
Ahmed El Wassimy
Program Designer & Facilitator

Program Manager, District 3

Ahmed (Wass) El Wassimy manages and animates the Validation and Residency Programs helping high potential individuals and early stage founders gain the core competencies required to thrive. He applies a combination of data analysis with design thinking and lean experimentation to help founders achieve the focus and momentum needed to accelerate and bring their best ideas to market.

Prior to joining District 3, Wass has worked in sales, marketing and product management in a range of industries including – hospitality, real estate and fintech. His personal experience as a startup entrepreneur also shapes his approach, helping tech founders accelerate from initial idea to approved prototypes while solving the numerous strategic challenges that arise along the way.

Ryan Peters
Global Managing Partner, Quadbridge
Ryan Peters
Global Managing Partner, Quadbridge

Global Managing Partner, Quadbridge

Ryan Peters is an experienced founder and managing partner with a demonstrated track record of entrepreneurship and an ability to scale companies for over 10 years. His company, Quadbridge Inc. is a leading-edge, full-service IT Solution partner that specializes in hardware and software supply to medium and large enterprise clients in both the U.S. and Canada. Ryan has strategic advisory and general operational expertise, and strong business development experience with an understanding of International Socio-Economic Development, including NAFTA, E.U., Mid-East, and Asia. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Jane Somerville
Program Director, District 3
Jane Somerville
Program Director, District 3

Program Director, District 3 

Jane Somerville, MBA is the Director of Programs at Concordia University’s District 3. In this role, she is responsible for leading and developing the program offering targeted to entrepreneurs building startups. Jane is a passionate business professional with more than 25 years of experience working with Canadian entrepreneurs. Prior to joining D3, Jane worked at BDC where she helped small, medium and large companies across Canada, across all industry sectors, building and delivering innovative advisory services in strategic management, digital marketing and sales management. As an entrepreneur herself, Jane founded an online directory of furniture and furniture stores in major Canadian cities.


What is the eligibility criteria for the Validation Program?

An idea that leverages emerging technologies or an innovative business model; two co-founders;  a commitment of 25 hours per week.

What is the deadline for applications? When would I receive an answer?

The deadline to join the Winter cohort is February 19, 2021. Note that it may take up to 2 weeks after you submitted an application to receive a response. We will notify you whether your application has been accepted or rejected. Upon completion of the Validation program, you will be immediately eligible to apply to join District 3’s Launch and Grow program.

How long is the program?

The Validation program is 12 weeks long. 

Not ready to validate your startup yet?