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District 3 focuses on four streams — bio, healthcare, high tech and social innovation — each harnessing emerging technologies for global impact. We offer stream specific expertise, programs and global expansion support at each step of your startup journey. 


D3 Bio

Founders leveraging biomanufacturing and bioengineering looking to accelerate their commercialization potential and contribute to building Canada’s bioeconomy in sectors such as biopharma, agri-food, clean technologies and biomaterials.

D3 Healthcare

Early stage medtech and healthtech startups looking to gain market insights, validate clinical and market needs, accelerate product development, find funding and access international networks.

D3 High Tech

Early stage startups focusing on emerging technologies looking to accelerate their path towards commercialization through coaching, lean entrepreneurship skill development, targeted ecosystem connections and global market expansion support. 

Balsam Impact by D3

Early stage startups focused on education, health, environment, culture or other social issues with positive impact on the community and the world looking  for support in roadmap development, funding strategy and global market expansion.

Having access to both material and intellectual resources is invaluable for early-stage biotech company success. District 3 and its key partnerships with bio organizations will
positively impact economic growth in Quebec and Canada for years to come!”

Dr. Claudia A. Penafuerte Diaz, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Cura Therapeutics
Collin Horner, Co-Founder, Cura Therapeutics

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