D3 startup Emma



Felix Deschatelets

Jacomo Deschatelets

Guillaume Plante




Protecting families with life insurance.

Buying life insurance is painful⁠—it requires going through paperwork and long waiting times to receive an estimate and a final decision from an insurance carrier. As a result, parents end up delaying life insurance as a result.

The Solution

Emma offers a personalized, simplified and online platform to cover families without the hassle and at a cheaper cost than other solutions. With Emma, individuals go through the process 100% online, from completing their application, getting their first contact, choosing their insurance product, and receiving their life insurance policy. They also provide insurance coverage to underserved populations, most notably pregnant women. 

The Journey

When deciding on which incubator to join to help them grow their startups, Co-founder and CEO Felix Deschatelets mentions that “the great reputation of District 3 and all the great comments received from other founders made our decision a natural choice.”

Felix and his team made significant progress when they joined District 3. “Thanks to the training and services received, we learned the ins and outs of how to structure and get prepared for our next financing round. Our sales considerably increased from the quality and personalization of the coaching we received,” he notes.