Precision Analytics


Erika Braithwaite, Ph.D. Kathryn Morrison, Ph.D.


AI & Machine Learning, Biotech & Life Sciences, Data Science


Custom analytics and tools for biotechnology companies.

Many companies in the biopharmaceutical sector lack efficient data engineering solutions that can integrate analytics and aid in knowledge translation. 

Precision Analytics helps its clients in early-stage biotechnology, clinical research, and pharmaceuticals eliminate the data analysis bottleneck and focus on what matters: scientific research.

The Solution

Their diverse clients range from biotechnology startups and pharmaceutical companies to clinical researchers and public institutions. While each of their clients faces unique scientific and business challenges, they all share one thing in common: they need tailored data analytics solutions that empower them to make better decisions.

Precision analytics provides a ‘full-stack’ data science service to help clients maximize insights from their data. Their experience as health researchers and statisticians coupled with their team of software engineers can provide customized solutions for almost any setting.

The team builds innovative solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry who want to make data-driven decisions. Using a cradle-to-grave approach, their platform allows any data-driven organization to securely store, analyze, and visualize their data with an easy-to-use point and click interface.

The Journey

“We started as two people who had a good idea. We had traction, we had clients, but it was only with mentoring that we could say we began to evolve as a real business. It was a transformational experience.” – Erika Braithwaite, Co-founder of Precision Analytics

Erika and Kathryn were initially looking for alternatives to academia, and through a process of elimination ended up in entrepreneurship. Throughout their exploration, they were offering tutoring services that provided a way to build up their clientele.

The team is grateful for being challenged by District 3’s coach and their mentors, which transformed their way of working and helped them hone which clients they wanted to serve. 

As scientific entrepreneurs, both founders enjoy solving hard problems, and the challenge is that every time they solve a problem, they need to hand it off to someone else, so they can solve the next one. They find the process both rewarding and challenging, helping them grow as scientific entrepreneurs by scaling their business for global impact.