Vital Tracer


Zahra Zangenehmadar, Ph.D., Azadeh Dastmalchi, Ph.D.


AI & Machine Learning, Healthcare

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Vital Signs Monitoring for Personalized Medicine

Concordia alumna Zahra Zangenehmadar, and her Co-founder Azadeh Dastmalchi were completing their graduate studies when they realized that their technology could help monitor more health variables than pre-existing solutions to signs of cardiovascular disease. 

After going through the process of identifying their market, they decided to launch VitalTracer, a startup that provides personalized medicine to reduce the risks of diseases through continuous monitoring of all vital signs.

The Solution

VitalTracer revolutionizes personalized medicine by creating an easy and accurate way to track and record all vital signs and prevent cardiovascular disease instead of just treating them.

In response to the changing economic climate due to COVID-19, VitalTracer Co-founders have quickly adapted their business model. They have received funding to develop and validate continuous monitoring of vital signs in adults and children by automated machine learning with their smartwatch called VT-19

The Journey

The VitalTracer team are graduates of District 3’s QcSE program. Through the support of the online lab-to-market program as well as District 3 seed funding, they were able to recognize the economic opportunity of their idea and gain the confidence to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

The women-led company was a recipient of the D3 Seed Fund Initiative. The two founders were also selected as the 2020 CANIE Quebec Region Winner for the Product Innovation Award by the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation.