Get Real-World Experience in Emerging Tech

Become a Summer Resident

The Alan Shepard Summer Residency Program spans 12 weeks and enables undergraduates and graduates from all backgrounds to work in a multidisciplinary context by turning ideas into practical solutions for startups and corporate stakeholders.

What You Gain

The residency will give you real-world experience working as part of a  multidisciplinary team on different mandates. You will learn innovation frameworks and expand your network with like-minded peers and industry leaders. 

12 Week Full Time Paid Internship
Immersive Curriculum & Workshops
Coaching from Experts

I learned how to work as part of a multidisciplinary team, and how to conceive of ideas in terms of real-world needs, practicality, and solutions.”

Kelly McManus, District 3 Resident

Our Program

Multidisciplinary Learning

Our thorough training equips you with the confidence and tools to work in a team and apply innovation techniques, including experimentation and development.

Tangible Work Experience

Get to work on real startup challenges and gain valuable skills to showcase and kickstart your career in the innovation and startup ecosystem.

Expert Support & Network

Access our experts for guidance throughout your residency, and grow your network with fellow peers from various disciplines.

Meet the Team

Alexandra Allen
Program Facilitator
Alexandra Allen
Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator, District 3

As Program Facilitator at District 3, Alexandra Allen is part of the Programs team helping early-stage talent explore innovation and entrepreneurship. Her primary focus is the Summer Residency Program—arguably the “coolest summer job”—in which recent graduates spend 12 weeks working in multidisciplinary teams to turn ideas into practical solutions for companies and researchers. Alexandra also oversees a number of initiatives to connect talent with startups in the Montreal ecosystem.

Prior to District 3, Alexandra worked in various roles—such as project management, HR, and events—for companies ranging from a startup (Imparture, now Lydian Stone Training) to a global enterprise (Ubisoft). A strong advocate for lifelong learning, Alexandra is currently working towards a Graduate Certificate in Learning Design and Technology at Harvard Extension School and has worked internationally in Canada, the UK, Australia, and France. She holds a Certificate in Management Consulting from McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies, a B.A. in Political Science from Concordia, and is a PRINCE2 certified practitioner (Projects in Controlled Environments).

Houda Jawhar
Instructional Designer
Houda Jawhar
Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer, District 3

Houda Jawhar designs and develops learning experiences at District 3 to help entrepreneurs acquire entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and competencies effectively to move along the startup journey faster and better. Houda is passionate about innovative and disruptive pedagogies and the implementation of learning analytics to design learning experiences that impact individuals and their businesses.  

Prior to District 3, Houda completed an MA in Educational Technology at Concordia University and was actively involved in the maker and innovation ecosystem at Concordia, studying how individuals develop and advance skills that are pertinent to the 21st century by collaborating with others across the ecosystem. Before that, she completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing where she worked as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and as a nursing educator. She worked closely with multidisciplinary healthcare teams to evaluate and improve quality and safety guidelines and policies in clinical settings. She designed, developed, and facilitated learning experiences for future nurses and supervised and trained 300+ nursing students across various clinical settings.

Jane Somerville
Managing Director, District 3
Jane Somerville
Managing Director, District 3

Co-director of District 3

Jane Somerville, MBA is the Director of Programs at Concordia University’s District 3. In this role, she is responsible for leading and developing the program offering targeted to entrepreneurs building startups. Jane is a passionate business professional with more than 25 years of experience working with Canadian entrepreneurs. Prior to joining D3, Jane worked at BDC where she helped small, medium and large companies across Canada, across all industry sectors, building and delivering innovative advisory services in strategic management, digital marketing and sales management. As an entrepreneur herself, Jane founded an online directory of furniture and furniture stores in major Canadian cities.


What do you look for in applicants?

You must be a current or recent graduate of Concordia University with availability for 13 weeks on a full-time basis in the summer (May to July). We look for individuals who like to take on challenges, seek fresh perspectives, and want to be part of the new generation of innovation leaders. You will need to be comfortable with high levels of collaboration and a dynamically shifting work environment.

What is the duration of the Residency Program?

Our Residency Program spans 12 weeks in the summer.

Are these paid internships ?

Yes – all residents are paid bi-weekly.

Can I apply for the Residency Program if I am an international student?

The Summer Residency Program is considered to be an on-campus work opportunity. Please refer to the International Student Office to gain more information to confirm whether you are eligible to work in Canada with your current permit or visa.

Am I eligible to apply if I am not a Concordia student?

This year the Residency Program is open to students and recent graduates from Concordia only.