Summer Residency

Become a Summer Resident

Deadline to apply: April 5, 2024

The 2023 Alan Shepard Summer Residency explores the topic of inclusive communities through food security, city infrastructure, social behaviours, and more.

Undergraduates and recent graduates from any faculty work in multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative ideas and transform these into practical solutions for organizations positioned around Montréal.

What You Gain

Learn innovation frameworks in an inclusive communities context and expand your network with equally passionate peers and industry leaders.

The residency will give you real-world experience working as part of a multidisciplinary team on different mandates coming from Montreal institutions with a mission of furthering inclusivity.

Develop specific competencies in innovation and design thinking, social media, current trends in online content delivery, marketing and conversion strategies, and more.

12 Week Full Time Paid Internship
Immersive Curriculum & Workshops
Coaching from Experts
Entrepreneurial mindset training
Immersion in the sectors of food security, community accessibility, durable mobility and infrastructure, and more.

This program introduced me to the world of consulting and efficient problem-solving. Working with a diverse team to achieve a common goal was such a rewarding experience!”

Keira Baldwin, District 3 Resident, 2021

Our Program

Multidisciplinary Learning

Our thorough training equips you with the confidence and tools to work in a team and apply innovation techniques, including experimentation and development.

Tangible Work Experience

Develop innovative ideas and solutions for Montréal-based organizations. Gain valuable skills to kickstart your career and integrate into various ecosystems. Practice foundational strategies for collaboration and client work.

Expert Support & Network

Access our experts for guidance throughout your residency while you grow your network with fellow peers across various disciplines.

Dynamic Workspace

District 3 is located on Concordia’s SGW campus, a familiar area of the city for students, and offers a variety of spaces to meet and work in different ways.

Throughout the 12 weeks of the residency, we worked in self-organizing teams, dividing our time between desk research, visiting sites of interest to our mandate, brainstorming, conducting interviews, and developing and validating possible solutions. The autonomy that came with regulating our own workday allowed us to work in more sustainable ways and to bond closely with our peers. The three-week timeline on each mandate immersed us into the ecosystem of each mandator, and allowed us to deeply engage with Montreal’s cultural sector.

Katarina Martins, District 3 Resident, 2022

We were impressed by the residents’ engagement and eagerness to learn. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise provided fresh perspectives on how to market our company’s value and vision in a unique way and inspired the current design for our website.”

Kashif Khan and Karina Gasbarrino, co-founders of PLAKK


What do you look for in applicants?

You must be a current or recent graduate of Concordia University with availability for 12 weeks on a full-time basis in the summer (May through end of July). We look for individuals who like to take on challenges, seek fresh perspectives, and want to be part of the new generation of innovators. You will need to be comfortable with high levels of collaboration and a dynamically shifting work environment.

What does the application process look like?

The application process has 2 stages: an application form, and a group workshop-style interview.

Can I apply for the program if I am an international student?

The Residency Program is considered to be an on-campus work opportunity. Please refer to the International Student Office to gain more information to confirm whether you are eligible to work in Canada with your current permit or visa.

Am I eligible to apply if I am not a Concordia student?

The Residency Program is open to students and recent graduates from Concordia only.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes, all residents are paid bi-weekly