Arthur Intelligence


Gregory Benko, CEO; Philippe Hebert, CTO


Fintech, Medtech


Empowering clinics with machine learning to optimize operations.

Arthur Intelligence was born from Gregory Benko’s desire of helping his parents who are dentists. Gregory was working as a financial analyst at SNC Lavalin. Seeing the CEO manage the corporation with simple dashboards was fascinating as he recalled seeing his parents managing their dental clinic with hundreds of pages of financial reports that were hard to understand.

Dentists are perfectionists, and more often than not, performance-oriented individuals. Their career is stressful—think of them as the player, the coach and the owner of a sports team. They do everything at the same time. Unfortunately, without tools to manage their team and business, they are left stressed and without a clear path of building their dream dental practice. Employee retention is low, and dentists lose a lot of time, money and energy on managing their employees and finances.

The Solution

Arthur Intelligence develops an intuitive employee engagement and business intelligence solution for the dental industry. They developed state of the art software to help clinic managers, doctors and their teams to be happier, healthier and feel empowered, ultimately improving their performance.

Co-founders Gregory, Philippe Hebert and Sacha Drouin got together to get the business up and running through District 3’s validation program, the team built their business model and assessed the viability of their solution. They developed their MVP and got great exposure at their first Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec, Canada’s largest dental exposition and conference. This gave Arthur Intelligence access to its first major clients and a surge of interest in its product.

Their Journey

“District 3 has been instrumental to the progression of Arthur in the dental industry and we are immensely proud and grateful to be part of their community. Special thanks to our coach at District 3, whose invaluable insight and experience helped us go through the rollercoaster of building a business.” – Gregory Benko, Co-founder 

In 2019, Arthur hired his first employee and got a lot of enthusiasm from Montreal’s startup ecosystem. Arthur won Montreal Inc’s Bourse+. The team was also selected for District 3’s first seed fund to help accelerate their growth. As the COVID-19 crisis took centre stage, the team launched a new product in less than 10 weeks to help secretaries optimize the clinic’s schedules with a more intelligent patient list to help dental clinics recover fast from the economic aftermath of closing their practice.