QcSe Graduate


Tony Wang, PhD


PhD in experimental medicine


Improving the management of patient data in healthcare.

While doing clinical research and working with patient data, Tony Wang realized that healthcare information management is a big challenge, mainly in the way data is communicated and shared between various departments and institutions.

The scientist set out a mission to improve how healthcare information is handled: how we store it, how we share it, and how we use it to deliver better care in the digital age. Despite the obstacles and complexities of the healthcare sector, Tony believes that patient data can be better managed.

The Solution

The scientific entrepreneur is developing a platform that makes information transfer between parties more reliable without increasing the workload for the physicians. The solution aims to replace the healthcare ‘fax machine’ to provide better care for patients.

The Journey

Tony enjoys applying the problem-solving abilities he developed as a researcher in solving business challenges. The Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program (QcSE) was the crash course he needed to understand what it means to be an entrepreneur – it gave him the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to begin building the correct methods of thinking. Scientists follow rigorous methods and instructions. The program helped him become much more fluid by switching his mindset from developing solutions to solving problems.

The program provided Tony with both theoretical and practical frameworks. To his surprise, QcSE ended up fulfilling a career development requirement that he wasn’t aware of until later down the line in his academic path when he applied for a PhD scholarship.

QcSE honed and expanded Tony’s abilities as an entrepreneur by understanding what a business really needs, as well as how to create and innovate. While academic research is one way to bring impact, entrepreneurship and the business world are also fundamental fields that he can use to propel medical ideas that will improve people’s quality of life.