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Creating your Terms of Use

The terms of use are an agreement between the user of a website or application and the company that operates it. They have a contractual value. Their role is to define the rights and duties of the user when browsing your web platform (website or mobile application); in particular to define your responsibility for the information displayed (disclaimer), your intellectual property rights, etc.

Our startup Lex Start has made a 15 minute course that will help you navigate this. Watch the course here.

This course will help you answer these questions:

  • What are the differences with the Privacy Policies and the Terms of Sale?
  • How to obtain the user’s consent?
  • What tools are governed by these conditions?
  • How to determine your users’ obligations?
  • How to protect your intellectual property from the content available on your site or application?
  • How do the Terms of use protect you?
  • What is the Anti-Spam Act?
  • What are the next steps?