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Find Government Funding in Canada

You can leverage non-dilutive funding vs equity capital to allow your venture to burn cash cheaply while experimenting with the right product market fit without the need to give shares of your company and consequentially diluting yourself.

There are numerous resources out there, but we’ve compiled the most accessible non dilutive funding sources with the highest success rate for early stage ventures on the federal, provincial and municipal level, which can all be accessed in our Cheat Sheet below.

D3 Cheat Sheet for Non Dilutive Financing

Find interesting grant opportunities to support the funding of different activities in your company by accessing our D3 Cheat Sheet.

Track your Non Dilutive Financing Applications

Simple and easy to use, leverage the power of tracking all your non dilutive financing applications by using this template.

Innovation Canada

This is the government of Canada’s official tool for entrepreneur’s to get tailored funding support.
Use it as a complement to our D3 Cheat Sheet narrow down on further opportunities.

Click here to visit their new digital platform and see what kind of funding you can get from them.