D3 startup Ubisim VR technology for nursing training



Gauthier Dubruel

Florian Brutsche


Healthcare, Education


Virtual reality training platform for nursing

As it becomes more challenging for hospitals to ensure a good onboarding and continuous training of their nurses, it becomes vitally important to have better trained, more confident nurses for better patient safety and quality care.

The Solution

UbiSim’s VR platform allows institutions to increase and scale simulation with no additional resources. The startup provides an engaging training platform that runs on a wide variety of consumer VR equipment. It solves the most significant pain point in nurses’ training by replacing expensive, non-scalable and capacity-constrained simulation labs and on-patient training.

The Journey

The team moved to Montreal to expand to the North American market. “We chose Montreal because it is one of the best places in the world for a VR startup given its ecosystem and talent pool,” says Co-founder Florian Brutsche.

They were looking for the right support and environment to navigate the ecosystem, and District 3 would serve their needs. Florian notes that “it is incredibly helpful to discuss problems and ideas with people with different skill sets and backgrounds. Even when you think you have a solution to a difficult problem, you will find a better solution by discussing it with people around you. District 3 is full of smart people and a great place for doing this.” 

Their District 3 coach, Edna Chosack, was of tremendous help in accelerating their sales, introducing them to the right stakeholders, and expanding to the US market. Co-founders Florian and Gauthier were both surprised to find someone with deep expertise in their industry, “I was not expecting to be coached by someone who has hands-on entrepreneurial experience in our specific industry that is healthcare simulation. Our coach Edna has given us invaluable advice and has made introductions that helped us land some of our first sales in the US.” Gauthier mentions that the introductions were extremely fruitful, “one of these introductions ended up with a new member joining the team!”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UbiSim has been used to replace over 10,000 clinical hours for nursing students. District 3 has helped them navigate through the logistical challenges of a fast-growing company by connecting them to the right people at the right time.