Whale Seeker


Emily Charry Tissier, Biologist, Antoine Gagné, Software Developer, Bertrand Charry, Wildlife Biologist




Innovating around the visual detection of whales.

Visual whale detection is mostly done using human eyes only. This is expensive, imprecise, and slow. Governments process photographs taken during surveys by hand with no comprehensive tool to successfully manage whale conservation and marine traffic. Months or years can go by before the data is analyzed and action taken. 

Arctic monitoring, government wildlife management, shipping companies, oil and gas companies, militaries, conservation groups, ports, tourism has not only an expressive market size of between $500M – $1B but it is also a critical one for those that can define the future of a sustainable environment. Whale Seeker believes that whales and humans can coexist in healthy and profitable ways. They marry biological relevance with technical innovation to create the tools to make it possible.

The Solution

Whale Seeker uses deep learning to offer rapid marine mammal detection tools, advanced image analysis, and data management solutions. These technologies can be custom-tailored to client’s specific needs to integrate seamlessly in their current workflow.

The automated method detects marine mammals from aerial images in real-time (or near real-time) using AI. It is easy and accessible to all with real-time data that allows faster management decisions and maximum protection to whales by immediate avoidance action. It provides minimum impact on industry by resuming normal activity as soon as a threat is absent and it is a tool that can be used by private citizens, municipalities, companies, and governments.

The Journey

At District 3, Whale Seeker received assistance to develop their business models, financial planning, and secure funding opportunities. At the end of their first year, they secured paid customers and repeated contracts.

“We don’t fit the mold of most acceleration programs. What we really love about District 3 is that in spite of that we’ve received support to grow our company in the way we always intended. Our coach has been a cheerleader, a sounding board, someone who has empowered us with ideas for growth.” – Emily Charry Tissier, Co-founder 

Whale Seeker is a pending B Corp and prioritizes sustainable company growth, family-friendly policies, ethical AI development and use, and delivering valuable services to our clients while protecting wildlife.